Bathroom Addition San Bernardino CA

A bathroom addition can change the way anyone feels about their home. It can take a small family fighting over one bathroom, to a happy family not caring about who took a shower first.

The best way to approach a bathroom addition is with a specialized design team. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling uses a design team that offers bathroom renovation, design, custom solutions and of course, bathroom additions.

Bathroom Addition Contractors, CA

Work with expert local contractors like us to help you navigate the process for adding a bathroom to your home. Whatever your concerns, we can help. 

​Utility Concerns?

Unlike a standard remodel, bathroom additions call for additional support of both the plumbing and electrical systems through your home. We employ only the best contractors in Southern California to ensure that your bathroom is in top shape as soon as the job is done.

Additionally, we hold all necessary licenses and are fully insured so that you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right. When adding a bathroom, it’s good to consider all the aspects that you’ll want now, and in the future.

When it comes to utility concerns, consider how many outlets you want in the bathroom, the type of lighting, plumbing setup and availability of spa-like fixtures such as a tub with jets.

Bathroom Addition Costs

The possible cost of a bathroom addition is one of the widest ranges available in home improvement. There are times when using an existing space such as a basement, garage, or den will bring the cost of the addition down to between a few thousand dollars.

Other times, when drywall must go up, the house expanded, exterior matched, roofing and everything else, the addition can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately for Southern California residents, it's easy to use available spaces for homeowners that are on a budget. For those who need to expand their home, there's no better contractor in San Bernardino than San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling.