Half Bath Remodeling San Bernardino CA

Half bathrooms are as convenient as they are a frustration. Don’t worry it’s a frustration that many homeowners in San Bernardino share as half baths were very trending when many of the homes here were built.

You can remodel your half bath to get more space, better use, and a more luxurious feel. Speak with San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling to start talking about what design options you have available.

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    Custom Design

    Custom design options are our specialty at San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling. We’ve worked with countless homeowners throughout 15 years of experience in redesigning and renovating bathrooms.

    Our contractors are fully licensed and insured. Equally important, they’re creative when it comes to manipulating space with thoughtful design. Custom design options can include cabinetry, floating vanities, spa amenities, powder space, and exquisite lighting.

    San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling offers specialty finishes to make even small spaces seem like a spa experience.

    Maximize Space

    Half bathrooms are full of wasted space. The too-small cabinet, the unused wall space and of course the corners that serve no purpose other than making cleaning difficult.

    Put this space to good use. Corner-angled fixtures, shelving, and wall mounted vanities or mirrors can take advantage of space that homeowners never realized was available in their half bath.

    Contact the best contractors for a bathroom remodel in San Bernardino and start planning on how to get more space in your half bath. A bathroom renovation could significantly impact the value of your home without adding a shower or tub.

    Storage, Utility, and Luxury

    The three criteria of a good bathroom are storage, utility, and luxury. Of course, homeowners can opt for a non-luxurious bathroom, but why would they if they were already planning a renovation?

    A good bathroom remodeling contractor can create a dream bathroom even in small spaces. Although a half bath will still not contain a shower or tub, it doesn't mean that you can't create a generous space that you enjoy.

    Storage, a must-have focus when it comes to any half bath renovation. In half bath’s you can take advantage of floating corner shelves without any concern for humidity. Additionally, floating vanities can provide open storage space, so it never ends up looking cluttered or full of forgotten cleaning supplies.