Master Bath Remodel San Bernardino CA

Maybe the home has a Powder Room in place of a master bath, and the homeowner is looking for a bathroom expansion. Or perhaps, the master bathroom has a poor setup that makes everyday activities inconvenient.

Shower and Tub

A focal point of any master bathroom. Many homeowners opt for a shower bath combination because of the utility. However, when it comes to design during a renovation, the options are limitless.

For a luxury or spa feeling, choose a deep tub alongside a walk-in shower. When homeowners want something comforting and rustic, they can choose a classic claw-footed bath.

Homeowners that are focusing on utility and saving space might want to consider a modern, door-less shower. Speak with your bathroom remodeling company of choice when making these design options.

Contractor for Master Bathroom Remodeling

We provide quality, affordable, yet also with options for high-end remodeling services for en suites, gorgeous masters, and oversized bathrooms. Call our San Bernardino bathroom contractors today if you have a master in need of updating, or would like to have an estimate for adding a master en suite to your home. 

Modern Updates: 

Many homes throughout San Bernardino were built decades ago, and while that brings in homeowners that love classic or cozy aesthetics, there is still the occasional need for modernization.

Popular modern updates available for master bathrooms include:

  • A mirrored wall
  • Floating vanities
  • Frameless shower doors
  • Tiled shower walls
  • Vent fans
  • Shower benches

Tile for Floors and Walls

Tiling bathroom floors is a given for many homeowners as they are resistant to water and staining. Not to mention they look wonderful in ceramic, porcelain, and even glass varieties. There are many reasons to turn to tile flooring.

The recent trend in bathroom renovation though is tiling walls. It makes cleaning bathrooms easy and can help stave off the mold.


Toilet upgrades are often the last thing on homeowners minds, but there’s a fair opportunity during a bathroom remodel. A low and sleek toilet might not be suitable for everyone, particularly tall people. Consider your particular needs when it comes to choosing a toilet. 

Sink and Vanity

A vanity is an excellent addition for anyone who spends a little more time in front of the mirror when getting ready for the day. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling is specialists at helping homeowners design sinks, and vanities to serve every need.

A sink, or “his and her” sinks are one aspect where master bathrooms outshine all others. Counter space bathed in excellent lighting can liven up any home.

Call San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling for unique, creative, and classic options in deciding what design choices are available during your master bathroom renovation.