Small Bathroom Remodel San Bernardino CA

Think there is a limit on what can be accomplished in a small bathroom? Think again because San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling has developed a long-standing reputation for taking small bathrooms and making them feel luxurious and spacious. 

Skilled, Trained, Insured Bathroom Contractors

The three things you want from any contractor are especially important when remodeling a small bathroom. Because there is less space to utilize, and more moving parts you’ll want a contractor that has years of experience, skill in design and planning as well as proper insurance.

San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling has every license necessary and full insurance in addition to over 15 years of small bathroom remodeling experience. We specialize in design and have a knack for making any space feel roomy.

Our skilled professionals move quickly to ensure that your bathroom is available to your family as quickly as possible.

Converting a Powder Room or Half Bath

We’ve found many homes throughout San Bernardino that have Powder rooms attached to the master bedroom in place of a full bathroom. A sink and toilet however often isn’t enough for a master bedroom.

Take any Powder Room from mild convenience to height of luxury with a fast remodel. The small size will limit the options available in terms of fixtures; however, it's not impossible to turn this into a second bathroom for any home.

Additionally, many people choose to convert Powder Rooms because it doesn't completely eliminate access to the house's main bathroom during the renovation.

Take Advantage of Design

Have you ever considered a corner sink? It could open up a ton of space in your small bathroom. During the design period of a half bath renovation, a contractor will likely suggest a number of design options that immediately give back space.

Some popular design opportunities for small bathrooms include:

  • Corner Sinks
  • Floating Vanities
  • Extended counter tops
  • Opting out of shower doors
  • Wall mounted faucets

Contact San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling to learn more about what design options you have available for your small bathroom. Half bath renovations, small bathroom redesign, and remodeling are our specialties. We enjoy taking on these projects and can't want to help liven up any home in the San Bernardino area!