Bathroom Remodeling Riverside CA

For bathroom remodeling in Riverside, CA, our locally owned company can meet any of your needs. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling performs all types of renovations. We specialize in half baths, small and master bathrooms. Bathroom upgrades increase your Riverside property’s value and accommodate your household. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling offers full services. You do not have to hire another company for bathroom renovations. Our contractors do bathroom additions, conversions, redesigns, and relocations. We have a design team to help you develop your dream bathroom.

San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling has been serving Riverside, CA, for over 15 years. We work with the layout of your home to do a full bathroom remodel or minor renovations. Our bathroom contractors install sinks, toilets, bidets, tile, flooring, and vanities. We also can covert showers and tubs or install a combination. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling also paints, does electrical work, and builds storage solutions. Our licensed and insured bathroom contractors can finish any size job. We offer free estimates for any bathroom remodeling services you need.

Bathroom Contractor Riverside CA

If you have been searching for a bathroom contractor in Riverside, CA, look no further. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling has the best licensed and insured contractors. Choosing us for bathroom renovations means you only need to hire one company. We specialize in bathrooms and offer full remodeling services. Each bathroom contractor has experience in plumbing, tiling, painting, flooring, and electrical work. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling does expansions, additions, and relocations. Our bathroom contractors can also assist you with redesign or minor renovations.

Our bathroom contractors work with you to develop the perfect solution for your home. We have over 15 years of experience remodeling half, small, and master bathrooms. Our licensed and insured contractors work with all sizes and shapes of bathrooms. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling approaches all projects with the same level of professionalism. Our bathroom contractors have fine attention to detail and deliver high-quality services. We offer free quotes for bathroom renovations in Riverside, CA, and will bring your ideas to life.

Interior Renovation Services Riverside CA​

You may want a fresh, new look in one or more rooms in your home that goes beyond a DIY project. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling also provides interior renovation services. Our licensed and insured contractors can transform any space in your Riverside property. Our general contractors have experience in all aspects of interior remodels. We have a design team to work with you on any interior renovations you have in mind. Our contractors perform minor renovations or large restoration projects in Riverside, CA.

Any interior renovation services, even new coats of paint, increase your property value. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling installs lighting, flooring, tile, trim, molding, and baseboards. We also refinish basements that can include a bathroom addition to Riverside, CA. Our contractors can build storage solutions, remove wallpaper, or do any other renovations. We offer free quotes for interior renovation services in Riverside, CA. Contact us to revamp any room in your home.

Bathroom Feature and Finishes

Bathrooms features can go into a few different categories including countertops, lighting, finishes, cabinets, styles and luxury features.

Countertop options can be tiled, stone, steel or alternative metal, laminate, or solid surface. For exotic countertops for your bathroom in San Bernardino, you need to contact San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling, the best contractors in the areas.

Lighting concerns are becoming a higher priority for bathroom renovations as getting ready for the day becomes art and bathrooms become places to retreat for a moment of peace and luxury. Lighting can include vanity displays, recessed lighting, and more.

Finishes are the touches of detail that can complete any bathroom renovation. Homeowners that want a modern look might opt for chrome or brushed stainless. During bathroom remodeling in homes that have a comfy and cozy feel, the homeowners might consider bronze or iron.

Styles and additional luxury features can mean anything from jetted tubs, spa features, mirrored walls, or even specific color selections. San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling has a design team that works with homeowners to ensure that their dream bathroom is the end result of the renovation. With the advancements in electrical and plumbing in many homes, there are virtually endless possibilities with fixtures, displays, and even entertainment options.

One of the primary trends in bathroom renovations is tilework. Our staff takes on each job with a focus on excellence in craftsmanship, and that includes intricate, decorative, and highly functional tile work for flooring and walls.

San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling offers all variety of finishes, lighting options, custom cabinetry, countertops, electrical and plumbing work, tiling, flooring, custom design options, showers, tubs including those with jets, additional spa features, vanities, mirrors and more. For any bathroom renovation, call the best in the area. Serving the San Bernardino area for over 15 years of celebrated excellence, contact San Bernardino Bathroom Remodeling.

​About Riverside CA

Riverside, CA, named for its location near the Santa Ana River, is in the “Inland Empire.” The city is 50 miles east of Los Angeles and was the birthplace of the citrus industry. Packing houses have become marketplaces, but The Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree still stands. This historic landmark is one of the last two original navel orange trees. You can also find the Mission Inn in Riverside, a popular hotel since opening in the early 1900s. Along with many museums and parks, The University of California Riverside has a sports complex.

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